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Trademark Registration

Trademark, one of type Intellectual Property is to distinguish your goods and/or services from others. Trademark could be words, sounds, logos, colours or a combination of any of these. After Brexit, a UK registered trademark can only be protected within the UK. If you want to get protection in EU, you will need to file a separate application to EU Intellectual Property Office.

It is possible for your brand to be protected in multiple countries by registering a trademark through WIPO.

1. What is benefit of registered trademark?


  • Take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters

  • Put the ® symbol next to your brand to show that your it is registered as yours and warn others against using it

  • Sell and license your brand

  • Give you protection for 10 years

2.  How long does it take?

It normally takes 4 months for the registration process if no one objects in the UK. However, you usually get protection since the date you filed the application. Once your trademark has been accepted, it will be published within one week.

3. Fee

In the UK, the standard filing fee is £170 and £50 for each type of good or service. The standard government fee to register a trademark in EU is from €850.

4. Why NIDO?

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