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Corporate Defence & Regulatory Law

The Government and other Regulatory Bodies have found extra resources to help scrutinise businesses and individuals with non-compliance leading to investigations that are very serious.

Knowledge and Experience in finding solutions is key to investigations.

If you or your business finds yourselves in the middle of an investigation for non-compliance with rules or in the middle of a HMRC Tax Investigation you can count on NIDO to step in and defend you at any stage of the investigation.

We have on our panel experts who have experience in dealing with simple tax bills to multi-million pound investigations and have the necessary skills and resources at their disposal to defend you or your business should such an unfortunate event occur that you need defending.

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What can NIDO do for you?


  • Experienced in advising, preparing, and presenting the defence against the investigation brought against you by HMRC or Home Office no matter what stage you are in.

  • Effective, Efficient, Trustworthy and Business Orientated Advice for both Individuals and Companies.

  • Access to a Solicitor for up to date advice that covers the regulatory rules and laws, e.g. tax and immigration that may affect your business or you as an individual.

Our Commercial and Corporate Services

  • HMRC Litigation

  • HMRC Restraint Orders

  • Allegations of withholding VAT Non-payment of

  • Income Tax

  • Involvement in Tax-Avoidance Schemes

  • Home Office Fines



Our expertise lies in Corporate Defence and Regulatory Law which helps us protect your business’ interest in the course of investigation undertaken by industry or sector regulators like the Home Office, HMRC, and police. It is a niche area and our specialists will advise on, prepare and present the defence brought against you in the investigation.


In terms of tax disputes with HMRC, a dispute may arise in the context of an enquiry into a return, an audit, pre-return work, or a challenge to HMRC’s legal interpretation. Our experienced team will help you minimise the scope of disputes, get your tax right the first time, thus save your litigation cost in the future. We will also advise and help you in any stage of the investigation.


Regarding investigation undertaken by Home Office, we specialise in Civil Penalty Notices issued by Home Office when they have reason to doubt that your business is employing illegal workers. The fines could be up to £20,000 per illegal worker, criminal prosecution, the loss of the right to employ migrant workers, negative record with the Home Office, and damage to your business reputation. We have an experienced team in immigration who can help you fight against the Civil Penalty Notice no matter which stages you are in when you receive a penalty notice or even after the Home Office rejects your grounds.

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