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Corporate Defence & Regulatory Law

The Government and other Regulatory Bodies have found extra resources to help scrutinise businesses and individuals with non-compliance leading to investigations that are very serious.

Knowledge and Experience in finding solutions is key to investigations.

If you or your business finds yourselves in the middle of an investigation for non-compliance with rules or in the middle of a HMRC Tax Investigation you can count on NIDO to step in and defend you at any stage of the investigation.

We have on our panel experts who have experience in dealing with simple tax bills to multi-million pound investigations and have the necessary skills and resources at their disposal to defend you or your business should such an unfortunate event occur that you need defending.

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What can NIDO do for you?

  • Experienced in providing contracts and agreements from short form to complex ones covering every possibility that you need to have in mind when providing your goods and services.
  • Effective, Efficient, Trustworthy and Business Orientated Advice for Individuals and Companies.
  • Access to a Solicitor for up to date advice that covers the regulatory rules and laws that may affect your business or you as an individual.


Our expertise lies in Business Immigration which helps us make individuals and companies able to mobilise into the UK and invest and grow their businesses with ease. We know what it takes to make a business a success, our experience therefore allows us to guide you through the relevant immigration rules and guidances that apply. We are one of the very few Business Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham listed on the Governments Department for International Trade platform whereby businesses from around the world are able to find us and instruct us to guide their move to the UK. At NIDO we look at and advise you from your perspective. We start by understanding your business regardless of what it is and then finding you the answers that are needed to make your move a success.

Our Corporate Defence & Regulatory Law Services

HMRC Litigation HMRC Restraint Orders Allegations of withholding VAT Non-payment of Income Tax Involvement in Tax-Avoidance Schemes Home Office Fines

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