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Employment Contract

1. The need for an Employment Contract/Written Terms of Employment 


​If you are an employer in the UK you must note that anyone legally classed as an employee or worker of your business has the legal right to have a written document summarising the main terms of their employment.


This document is legally known as the “written statement of employment particulars”. It should include details such as working hours, place of work and most importantly pay.


This is not an employment contract as many people confuse it with, it is a briefer version and the one that you must receive from your employer or you as a business must issue to your employee or worker.

It is absolutely key that you give your employee or worker the written terms within a prescribed period of time. If you do not do so, the worker or employee does have a right to ask for them and failure to provide them could lead to raising a grievance or even making a claim to an employment tribunal, therefore it is key that this document is properly drafted and covers the requirements and is given to your worker or employee.

2.  Advice and Preparation of an Employment Contract / Written Terms of Employment

At NIDO we can liase with the person dealing with your business HR, that may also be yourself and then draft for your approval the Employment Contract or the important Written Terms of Employment so that you can give these to your worker or employee.


The contract or terms can be drawn according to the business requirements and set out the key parts of any terms that you need to inform your employee or worker of, such as pay, holidays, hours of work and non-disclosure of key information from your business in the event that they leave your business.


In terms of the Employment Contract we can help with providing specific key terms such as pay and hours, statutory terms and incorporated terms as well as the terms that are part of employment law that must be stated in any form of employment contract or written terms of employment.


Our lawyers at NIDO have extensive experience in assisting many employers in the UK for a wide array of reasons and one of these is providing assistance with Employment Contracts and Written Terms of Employment.


The terms must include many basic principal statements which include but are not limited to the employers name, address, start date, job title etc.


We have clients who have needed assistance in this area and have benefitted from our advice by being informed that they should not just do the basics but go over and above and provide the employee or worker with more information such as the Job Offer letter; confirm how the employee or worker will be paid and when as well as outlining to an employee or worker the standards of behaviour expected from its employees or workers and what would happen in the event that the employee or worker falls foul of these.


At NIDO, our experienced lawyers can confidently assist you in dealing with your requirements should you need to provide written terms of employment or very detailed employment contracts and any restrictive covenants that you would want in your employee or workers terms of employment.

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