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Successful ECAA Application and Extension for a restaurant in the UK

Mr M.E. a Turkish businessman, arrived in the UK as a visitor which was set to expire in November 2019. During the time in the UK, Mr...

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Mr M.E. a Turkish businessman, arrived in the UK as a visitor which was set to expire in November 2019. During the time in the UK, Mr M.E. came across an opportunity to establish a restaurant in the UK.

However, due to the visit visa status, Mr M.E. was unable to work or establish any business in the UK right away. At the end of 2019, Mr M.E. had come to NIDO asking for advice and solutions.

How did NIDO help Mr M.E. to establish business in the UK while he was in this country under visit visa status?

Following our philosophy which is listening to what our clients want first and foremost, our team realised the needs and reasons behind his decision to start a venture in the UK.

From that point, NIDO provided extensive and thorough advice to Mr M.E. which outlined and analysed the current situation, followed by clear-cut solutions and options for Mr M.E. alongside the advice on the most viable options.

After Mr M.E. decided to establish the business under the Turkish European Communities Association Agreement (ECAA), NIDO helped Mr M.E. to prepare the full business plan which cover all aspect of a restaurant business, from the business structure to HR, from market analysis to operational plans. Our team also helped Mr M.E. to prepare necessary documents and check the relevant regulatory compliance in food and beverage sector.

After nearly 3 months from the time Mr M.E. instructed NIDO, our team successfully advised and represented Mr M.E. to obtain the ECCA visa to establish his first business in the UK.

Is it possible to extend Turkish ECCA visa even during the pandemic?

At the end of 2020, while the majority of businesses in the UK suffered from the restriction because of Covid-19, with the right strategy from the beginning, the restaurant of Mr M.E. continued to expand and incorporated a new trading name.

However, the current ECCA visa being granted to Mr M.E. was also set to expire in December 2020.

Being happy with the services provided by NIDO, Mr M.E. came back and instructed us to advise on the possibility to extend his Turkish ECCA visa.

At NIDO, our team conducted an extensive review on Mr M.E. business in the last one year in terms of business plans, tax, the operation and HR.

Further, despite being in the middle of pandemic, our team helped Mr M.E. to prepare and provide large number of documents evidencing the satisfaction of requirements and potential growth of the business in the future.

In addition to the above with BREXIT now finalised it meant that our client was worried about his future in the UK as he had heard (incorrectly) that he could no longer apply as a Turkish Businessperson in the UK.

We advised Mr M.E that whilst new people can no longer enter the UK as Turkish Businesspersons it is possible to extend the visas of those that are in the UK and also apply for ILR for the people that have completed five years in the UK under this route.

Mr M.E was also worried that a lot of businesses are only being given a one year extension due to the pandemic and the lack of business which they were able to do, our representations to the Home Office explained the full situation of the business and assured our client that he will be receiving the result which he deserved due to the hard work that he had put into his business.


Within less than 1 month, NIDO represented and helped Mr M.E. to successfully apply for 3-year Turkish ECCA extension for his restaurant business in the UK.

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