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Successful 3-year extension of Turkish Businessperson Visa for a clothing wholesale company

Thanks to the intensive effort of both NIDO team and Mr. E.A., we successfully obtained 3-year Turkish Businessperson visa extension for ...

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Arriving in the UK under visitor visa in late 2019, Mr. E.A., an experienced Turkish businessman in clothing industry in Turkey, encountered an opportunity to establish a business specialising in clothing wholesale industry in the UK. However, given the fact that the whole nation was in lockdown at that moment, Mr E.A. had been struggling to find a right solution to exploit such business opportunity.

Turkish Businessperson Visa extension for a clothing wholesale company

Being granted Turkish Businessperson Visa (ECCA) after Mr. E.A. first met with NIDO

After having a free consultation session with Mr Naveed Abraham, a solicitor and the partner of the law firm, Mr. E.A. decided to instruct NIDO to assist him in establishing his first business in the UK.

With years of experience in advising on business immigration and setting up business in the UK, our team instantly understood the needs of Mr E.A. and the nature of the prospective business. Alongside the advice on the most viable options and the clear roadmap for the business, our team helped Mr. E.A. to prepare a wide range of evidence such as business plan, business forecast, market research, to prove that despite being in the middle of pandemic, the business would grow and generate profit.

As Mr. E.A. wished to have his wife and daughter join him in the U.K., we also assisted him in preparing the evidence and necessary documents to sponsor his family without relying on any public resources.

The ECAA visa was granted to Mr. E.A. successfully after only a month. His wife and daughter were also granted visa to come to the UK as his dependents.

2 year extension of Turkish ECCA visa despite the pandemic

Being satisfying with the work and services provided by NIDO, once again, Mr. E.A. decided to have NIDO assisted him in extending the Turkish Businessperson visa for his business and dependent visa for his family.

To be eligible for visa extension, the applicant has to prove that they still keep running a viable business, being able to pay the share of the costs of running the business and showing that the share of the profits continue to be enough to support them and their family without them needing to have another job.

The situation was intensively more difficult than before as the pandemic seriously hit the economy and the market outlook for business growth seemed negative.

In addition to the above, the closure of Turkish Businessperson route for new people made Mr. E.A. worry about the future of his business and family. However, with the up-to-date knowledge in business immigration, we advised and assured Mr. E.A. that for those who were already granted the ECCA visa, it is still possible to extend the visa and apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years in this route.

NIDO also worked closely with Mr. E.A. to support him in preparing necessary documents and delivering a promising business plan to ensure the well development of the business and further contributions to the U.K. economy after Brexit. We also prepared evidence proving that with the hard work that Mr. E.A. put in his business, his business should be given more than one year extension.

Result – 3 year extension of Turkish Businessperson visa

Thanks to the intensive effort of both NIDO team and Mr. E.A., we successfully obtained 3-year Turkish Businessperson visa extension for Mr. E.A. and his family.

NIDO is one of the very few Business Immigration Solicitors in the UK that are listed on the Governments Department for International Trade platform whereby businesses from around the world are able to find us and instruct us to guide their move or an employee’s move to the UK.


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