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Skilled Worker

If you are a skilled worker from outside the UK, including EU and non-EEA citizens, and have been offered a job in the UK, then you may need a skilled worker visa. This visa will allow you to come, work and stay in the UK. 

1. Eligibility to apply for a Skilled Worker visa

In order to be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Your employer must be approved by the Home Office and holding a "Certificate of Sponsorship" which has the information about the role your employer offers you;

  • The job you are going to do must be on the list of eligible occupations;

  • Depending on the type of work you are going to do, the minimum salary must be the highest out of these 3 options: (1) £25,600/year, (2) £10.10/hour, or the 'going rate' for the type of work. 

  • You must prove your knowledge of English if this requirement is applicable.


2. Benefit of having a Skilled Worker visa

​Skilled worker visa allows you to work and stay for up to 5 years. When you change your employer, you will need to update your visa.

A huge benefit from Skilled Worker visa is after 5 years, you might be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK which allows to stay and work in the UK for as long as you want.

3. How much do you need to be paid if you work in healthcare or education?

If you work in healthcare or education, the minimum salary only needs to be £20,480 per year. If the going rate of your job is higher, however, the salary must be more than that. You can view the list of eligible health care and education jobs at the UK Government website here.

4. How can you prove your knowledge of English?

Unless you are a national of a country in the exempted list, you will need to prove your knowledge of English in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English to at least level B1 on the CEFT scale.

Some of the common ways to prove your level of English are as follows:

  • Pass a SELT test (Secure English Language Test) from a provide approved by Home Office;

  • Having a GCSE, A level or other approved qualifications;

  • Having a degreed that was taught in English. If that degree was taught in country other than UK, you will need to apply through Ecctics to confirm that your qualification is equivalent to a UK degree of bachelor, master or PhD.  

5. How much does it cost for you to apply for a Skilled Worker visa?

When applying for a Skilled Worker visa, you will need to pay for the following fees:

  • The Application fee: depending on your circumstances, the standard fees will be between £610 and £1,408;

  • The Healthcare surcharge: usually it will be £624/year.

  • Financial support when you arrive in the UK: unless you are exempt, usually you will need at least £1,270.

The fees listed above can be changed depending on your circumstance such as you will be eligible for application fee discount by £55 if you are from Turkey, Germany, and other countries listed.


6. Can you bring your partner and children to join you in the UK?

When you apply for a Skilled Worker visa, you will also be able to bring your partner and/or your children to the UK as your dependants.

However, you will need to prove your relationship between you and them.

Regarding financial requirement, you will need an addition of £285 for your partner, £315 for one child, and £200 for each additional child.

7. How can NIDO help you?

At NIDO, our experienced lawyers can confidently assist you in preparing your Skilled Worker application, liaising with your employer to prepare Certificate of Sponsorship, and advising you on other matter which is relevant to your Skilled Worker application.

8. Our fee

At NIDO, we offer a Professional Service with Reasonable Cost. All of our Fees are excluding VAT where VAT is application. For application for a Skilled Worker visa in the UK, our fees start from £800 (plus VAT).

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