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Child Arrangement Order – Defending Applications

You might find yourself at the end of having to defend an application made by your children’s parent to obtain contact ...

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You might find yourself at the end of having to defend an application made by your children’s parent to obtain contact (child arrangement order) or stop you from taking certain steps (prohibited steps order).

We find this is often as a result of the relationship breaking down and the other party trying to maintain that coercive behaviour through the children by stopping you from leaving the city or moving your children to another part of the city that you live in for a fresh start.

Child Arrangement Order - Defending Applications Nido Legal - Family Law Solicitors

On this occasion we acted for a Respondent in the matter who had been served with an application to stop her from leaving the city where her relationship with her partner had ended and he was doing this by using the child that they had together.

On receipt of instructions, we immediately set up a meeting with our client who was guided on what information she needs to provide so that a thorough response can be sent back to the allegations raised by the applicant.

Having responded to the Courts Directions our lawyers then started the correspondence with the Applicant’s representatives and highlighted to them the reasons why our client believed that the applications that have been filed should not proceed and that in the event that they were we would defend them.

As part of the process we negotiated with the Applicant on why we believed his applications would not be successful and the reasons why our client would be able to leave as and when she wanted, this led to our firm exchanging replies with the Applicant’s solicitors on a few occasions, each time picking away at their argument and narrowing it down to nothing but a chance application that was being filed to get contact with the child.

Following the evidence which was provided and the correspondence from our firm to the Applicant’s representatives we received confirmation that the applications are being withdrawn.

Highlighting our skills to our client we showed that we can take the case on no matter what stage it is at and help you have an advantage by having NIDO on your side to respond, negotiate and defend you in the event that you find yourself at the end of applications being made just to keep control of your life through your children.

At NIDO we believe that we should always act in our client’s best interest and listen to what our client wants, we then provide clear and concise advice and options to our client before carrying out the instructions provided to us.

In our opinion it is important to not act an aggressor when dealing with the Family Courts, it is the child’s best interest which we advise our client’s on, hence why our approach it could be argued is slightly different to others in these matters.

At NIDO we are both empathetic and logical in our thinking when applying for any Child Arrangements Orders or Prohibited Steps Orders, we guide our client on all the information that they need so that that they understand what is expected of them when they speak to the Court, CAFCASS and any Children’s Services Departments that may be involved in the case.

In our previous expert insight we provided a top 10 most common questions in such cases which you can read by clicking here.

If you find yourself in need of a team of lawyers to defend you in the Family Court or even if you want to make an application yourself to the Family Courts in respect of your children then we would urge you to contact us for a free no obligation chat with our lawyers to allow us to give you our opinion on your case and allow you to decide if you want to take the action or not.

At NIDO we offer a very competitive price structure for Child Arrangement Order Applications and Non-Prohibited Steps Order Applications to make this less painful and expensive for you at a time when you would probably want to not have an ex-partner trying to dictate what role you can play in your child(ren) life.


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